Sunday, February 5, 2012

"I Love Love, I Love Being in Love!"

I'd like to dedicate the title of this blog to a friend of mine, Jordan Baker, who sent me this song once, many moons ago, when we were in love-- (word to the wise, pay attention to the lyrics, not the video...)

Also, I had to take a break writing this because my roommate asked me to yell out the window for someone to get their dirty laundry out of the washer since I have the loudest voice. Unfortunately for her, I'm also the most obnoxious, so I yelled to the entire complex that someone needed to get their underwear out of the washer because my roommate *I will spare her the embarrassment of the entire facebook/blog world also knowing her name* needs to wash her own underwear. Apparently now war has started. Bring it on. My father was the prank master. My ward was the prank ward at Girl's Camp. I was born for this.

Ok, now I have lost interest in what I was writing before, because I feel like this war between my roommate and I is going to get good. Now she's writing on the window that I need a real man, and she left my number. Amateur.

Also, she wrote it backwards the first time. Sucker. The wheels in my head are already turning, so here I'll leave this blog. I must go plot her demise...

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