Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"It's The End of the World as We Know It"

Disclaimer: I am very passionate tonight, so if you are a feminist, sorry if I offend you, but read this.

I have always considered myself the antifeminist. I would love to just be home, raising kids, chilling in the kitchen. Just call me Donna Reed.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me I had no ambition because I have no desire to go to school. Thanks. Rude. My ambition in life is to be a mom. I don't care to get a degree, because I just want to have kids, I have not now, nor ever had any desire to have a career. My mom is my hero, not because she is some high standing lawyer, or because she runs a business, but because she is first and foremost, my mom. That woman has raised 10 children side by side with my dad. He works hard out in the world while she works hard at home. You push 10 human beings out of your body after being pregnant for a collective 90 months, feed them, change their diapers, heal their hearts, clean their wounds, and teach them morals and values and say your job is harder.

This post however is not about my dream of being a mom, it's about the importance of women. The link above leads to a story about a group of women in the church who are protesting for equality in the church by wearing pants this Sunday to their meetings. Nevermind how completely inappropriate that is, but how sad it is to me that these women don't recognize their value. Earlier tonight I participated in one of those pointless facebook posts arguing my point (have you met my mother?) and I saw a lot of people arguing the degradation and oppression of women in the LDS church...hmm...

"The Relief Society is the oldest and largest women's organization in the world. Relief Society was established in 1842 for women 18 years of age and older. Its purpose is to build faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes, and help those in need."

Really? We are oppressing women, but we have the oldest, largest woman's organization in the world? Good call. I was called a few weeks ago to be a secretary in my ward's Relief Society, and neither in this nor any other calling I have had, have I felt insignificant as a woman. The amount of service we do (not just in my ward, but as sisters) is incredible. We provide charity. Such an act is unsurpassable in this church, as stated in the scriptures. The women may not hold the priesthood or be prophets, but that's because we don't need to. Just like we are not charged with the duty of serving a mission the same as the boys, but we do have that ability. President Hinckley almost never gave talks that didn't at one point or another acknowledge the importance of women, and how special we should be treated. Men and women do have gender roles as defined in this church by The Family: A Proclamation to the World. But neither is superior. Merely different. I don't know if y'all have noticed by now, but men and women are different. Physically, mentally, spiritually. We are simply not built to do the same things or perform the same duties. Women think and feel differently than men. There's a divine reason we as women of this church are asked to stay home and have and raise and nurture children. There's a divine reason men are asked to go out and provide for their families. There's a reason they hold the priesthood.

Gordon B. Hinckley, prior President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said:
“Women do not hold the priesthood because the Lord has put it that way. It is part of His program. Women have a very prominent place in this Church. Men hold the priesthood offices of the Church. But women have a tremendous place in this Church. They have their own organization. It was started in 1842 by the Prophet Joseph Smith, called the Relief Society, because its initial purpose was to administer help to those in need. It has grown to be, I think, the largest women’s organization in the world... They have their own offices, their own presidency, their own board. That reaches down to the smallest unit of the Church everywhere in the world...
“The men hold the priesthood, yes. But my wife is my companion. In this Church the man neither walks ahead of his wife nor behind his wife but at her side. They are co-equals in this life in a great enterprise.”

Joseph Fielding Smith explains further:
"Women do not hold the priesthood, but if they are faithful and true they will become priestesses and queens in the kingdom of God, and that implies that they will be given authority. The women do not hold the priesthood with their husbands, but they do reap the benefits coming from that priesthood."
The priesthood is bestowed upon men by God. Once they receive the priesthood, it is their sacred calling and duty to honor and magnify it. Women have been given a different calling. They are chosen by God to be the mothers of men. Is one greater than the other? No, both are equally as important but each has its own responsibilities and tasks.

A man cannot receive exaltation without being married and sealed to a woman. And vice versa. "Nevertheless, neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord." 1 Corinthians 11:11. Those feminists who don't agree with this and feel the need to protest this Sunday obviously do not understand the principles of this gospel. If the Lord ordained men to have the priesthood, He has His reasoning, so who are we to even question that? I have always felt precious in this church, like a daughter of God, like a princess. Because we all are. Even the feminists.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wonder of Wonder, Miracle of Miracles!

Story time. I spent the last week in Colorado with my family for Thanksgiving (which was beyond wonderful, by the way.) Then, sadly, Sunday comes around and it's time to drive back to Provo. dragging our feet, begrudgingly we packed up our stuff and hugged our family goodbye. Two hours into the 6 hour drive, the car starts shaking and dies in the middle of an intersection in po-dunk Monticello, Utah. Let's be real for a hot second: the only redeeming thing about Monticello is the temple there. And down part of one road it has some really cute street lamps. That's pretty much it.

So the car is dead, and my sister Angela and I get out and push the car to the shoulder as my sister Rachel steers. (I really thought pushing a car would be harder. I knew all those years (not) of working out would pay off one day!) Side note: those who know me know I rarely wear shoes unless I need to. bad day to choose to pack all your boots in the suitcase. Anyways, we all get in the car, Rachel is calling our dad, trying to come up with any solution, not even knowing what was wrong with the car, when a large white suburban pulls up in front of us. An older man in a suit (he was just getting back from a stake presidency meeting) gets out and asks if we need any help. He then precedes to check out the car, trying to see what the issue is. When he discovers the transmission had blown(?), he goes home, changes, brings back a truck with a trailer on the back, and tows our car to a lot he owns, where he says we can keep it until we come back down for Christmas. As if that wasn't enough, then that kind man offers to A. drive us back to Cortez to meet my parents (a little town about an hour from my house), 2. drive us to Moab or Green River, (21-2 hours closer to Provo) to meet up with someone who could take us the rest of the way, and D. let us drive his suburban the rest of the way to Provo. (+ 10 points to whoever understands my movie reference.) When he saw my sister's uncertainty about driving his vehicle, he assured her that it is just a thing and that we are treasured daughters of God and we are what's important, not his car. My eyes tear up just typing this. Sweetest man in the entire world! So after conferring with my father, we decided to take the man's car, so his wife brings it over, full of gas, and they tell us they will just come pick it up later this week on their way to Idaho. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles. My heart is so full with gratitude for this man and his family and their kindness.

As we are driving back, Rachel is discussing how the cost of fixing the car ought to be a minimum of $2,000 dollars (so said the man) and how stressed that made her, because obviously she needs a car. Then today, she tells me the man had his mechanic friend look over it and it was only in fact going to cost $200 dollars. He is driving it up to switch with his car this week. The most Christ-like people can be found in even the most remote places. I am so incredibly thankful for his compassion. Let us all keep in mind what's important. Things come and go. They break and often eventually stop working. But the impression you can make on a person's life can last forever. I know God is watching over all of us, and I know that He sends us miracles when we need them.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Okay, I try to avoid posting political stuff as to not offend people, seeing as so many of my friends have opposite views than me, (sometimes I still do though. eh. whatever,) but this is devastating. NO MORE TWINKIES?!! Good thing we elected Obama so he could help our economy and create more jobs for the American people....oh...wait. I have a feeling, I'm going to be finding more and more of these gems:

on my way home from work, asking for a handout. Good. I always wanted to just give away my hard earned money to those who won't walk and extra ten feet and apply for a job. By the way, he's probably filed for unemployment. And is on welfare. So by standing there, he probably makes more money than me, and gets more benefits. (Yes, I am assuming. Yes, I know what they say when you assume. And if this offends you...well, you don't really have to read my blog.)

ANDDDDD, if all the twinkies are gone, how are we going to keep having such entertaining videos on youtube?! Viewer discretion is advised, some of the material in this video may be offensive to some viewers, and if you just had lunch, I don't recommend watching for at least an hour. I also have not watched it all the way through so...I take no responsibility, I just trust the title:

I guess there's still McDonald's. Dancing fat people. Ha.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Fellow Americans...

There is no doubt a division in this country tonight. Democrats elated at their victory, Republicans distraught over their loss. Both sides slinging mud and disparaging comments. And while I am on the "losing" end of this election, I hoped and prayed and voted for Romney to win this run, I am forced to face the reality that: Obama is once again our president. Now it's time to move forward. So, here's a list of the top ten reasons to hold on to hope, to unite as a country, and not to move to Canada.

1. No matter how bad things get here, Canada is always worse. 'Merica! Eh?

2. Resilience. How many wars have we fought? We claimed our freedom from the Brits, we ended slavery, and we came back flourishing after the Great Depression. This is a great country. We were the victims of terrorist attacks--an event that the hearts of the American people will not forget; an event that I personally feel brought this nation closer together than any tragedy or devastation or even victory since the Depression. We fought back. I know we can make it through the next 4 years

3. It is Better to Look Up. I implore you to read this talk. I have nothing more to add.

4. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Truer words cannot be spoken. So let's come together as a country, as a people, as a nation, and pick up the pieces and stand together to strengthen these United States. The Founding Fathers established a land worth fighting for. "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." So let's stand together.

5. You must be the change you want to see in the world. I don't believe in being a victim of circumstance. This country was established by the people, for the people. Don't sit idly by on your disinterested/unattached butts and complain that the economy, government, whatever is not what you want. If you feel strongly, do something. If you aren't making an effort to better your life, your country, your world, you aren't passionate enough. And if you aren't living passionately, you aren't really living.

6. This is what the leaders of the LDS Church have to say on the matter:

The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued the following statement today:

"We congratulate President Obama on winning a second term as President of the United States.

After a long campaign, this is now a time for Americans to come together. It is a long tradition among Latter-day Saints to pray for our national leaders in our personal prayers and in our congregations. We invite Americans everywhere, whatever their political persuasion, to pray for the President, for his administration and the new Congress as they lead us through difficult and turbulent times. May our national leaders reflect the best in wisdom and judgment as they fulfill the great trust afforded to them by the American people.

We also commend Governor Romney for engaging at the highest level of our democratic process which, by its nature, demands so much of those who offer themselves for public service. We wish him and his family every success in their future endeavors."

See the statement on
And who are you to argue?

7. The true and living prophet President Thomas S Monson. He leads and guides us not only in this country, but to the far reaches of the earth. Put your faith and trust in him, because he is the Lord's mouthpiece, and he will not lead you astray.

8. Republicans maintain the majority in the House, so at least there is some balance.

9. A friend of mine (whom has a remarkable resemblance to Bradly Cooper. Babe.) had this status, and it's definitely some food for thought:
‎"A little rebellion now and then is a good thing and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical."

THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to James Madison, Jan. 30, 1787

10. Obama=Batman. Nuff said.

Helaman 5:2 "For as their laws and their governments were established by the voice of the people, and they who chose evil were more numerous than they who chose good, therefore they were ripening for destruction, for the laws had become corrupted."---coincidence?? At the very least, if the Second Coming does come about, for all of us single people, my wise father pointed out "at least all the telestial people (boys) will be weeded out, so all the prospects that remain are the good picks."

Monday, October 15, 2012

"That dweam, wifin a dweam"

It all started with a brisk fall run. Nothing too hard or crazy. I stop by the Japanese restaurant my sister Rachel works at to say hi, then my best friend Kassie picks me up and we decide to drive to the local music hall, movie club/casino...thing as the night falls. However, when we park, we notice police men with some sort of ski masks, as well as Spongebob characters enter the club, and they start chasing everyone out. I pull out my phone and start to take pictures of everyone and record everything. We all realize that these "police" were there to take control of this casino. They get on the roof, take off their masks shooting and I notice a large elderly man being given a particularly hard time. I record faces, names and voices. Then, one of them catches me, and starts running after me to get my camera. I scream at Kassie to drive, drive, DRIVE!! She throws her car in reverse, but before she can drive off, the man, (who also happened to be a Chinese ninja) caught the door and climbed his way in. I'm frantically trying to fight him off me while call the police. Finally, Kassie turns some sharp corners and I manage to kick him out of my open door. Yet somehow, we end up back in front of the casino. Where these criminals are all on the lookout for us! And as we realize this and peel out as fast as the car will go, a black man among the criminals starts running alongside our car (because black people are so fast!) He tries to get in, but we've locked the doors and windows. He hangs on, and we just can't shake him, so Kassie hits the gas and we ramp up a pile of cars, off a building, and the car is rolling and spinning as it comes crashing down to the ground. Our black pursuer is dead, and Kassie breaks out of the car, unaffected by the accident. She has to dig me out, and we continue to try to find the authorities on foot. I have sustained a massive concussion though, and I pass out. Luckily a friend of mine witnessed this, and threw me into his truck and drove me to the emergency room. He and Kassie left me there, and the team of doctors get to work. I have regained consciousness, and realize, my doctors are evil war lords, and the elderly man I noticed getting driven out of the casino was the criminal mastermind behind it all. They all spoke their plans in front of me, thinking I was helpless in this situation. When I told them I was going to turn them in, and informed them that I have secretly placed information incriminating all of them, they tried to give me pills to knock me out. I pretended to take them and pass out, and I somehow was able to tap into the man behind it all's head. I saw him back in the casino, deviously setting his plan into motion as he prostituted my friends. I found out what he was after. The doctors soon figured out I was pretending, and tried to force me to take the pills. I knew these pills would be my demise, and I had to get out of there and stop this plan. I fought my way out of the room, only to discover that it was in the casino, which housed a dragon family. I come face to face with the male dragon, and I look down to discover I am equipped with armour and a sword. And we battle. As I grow tired, I look up to see a passageway that might just be my way out. I scale the walls and narrowly escape the dragon's fiery breath. I make my way to the chamber that housed the wife dragon. I stop dead in my tracks when I see that I've caught her gaze. She speaks to me, tells me to take my friends and the girl with the sparkling hair and get out. Myself, Kassie, and my friend with the truck look around and see water ways that have long since dried up, that lead down and out of this dreary layer. The male is coming, and he's coming fast. We know there's no way we can make it down fast enough, until the girl with the sparkling hair let's her hair down, and from it flows rushing water, fast enough to carry us out, and protect us from the dragon. We ride down the water ways, and in what seems like seconds, we are dumped out at the floor of the Japanese restaurant! Apparently the family that owned it had been harboring the secret to controlling the dragons for generations, and that's what the criminal mastermind guy was trying to discover. My friends and I discussed with the Japanese family what our plan of action should be. They informed us that they wanted to sue the war lords and their leader, and asked if I knew anyone who could be their lawyer. It was at that point that I introduced them to Jeff Winger, and all went dark.

I don't know what Sierra puts in those oreo cookies, but man, my dream was nutso!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Use the Force, Nephi

DISCLAIMER: This may in fact be the nerdiest thing you'll ever read.

I know I've talked about this to some people before, but I was just reading my scriptures, and I came across this part in Nephi 17: 53-54
And it came to pass that the Lord said unto me: Stretch forth thine hand  again unto thy brethren, and they shall not wither before thee, but I will shock them, saith the Lord, and this will I do, that they may know that I am the Lord their God.
And it came to pass that I stretched forth my hand unto my brethren, and they did not wither before me; but the Lord did shake them, even according to the word which he had spoken.

The priesthood=the force. Nephi totally just forced shocked his brothers.

Obi-Wan, Yoda, Qui-Gan-Jin, all appear as "force ghosts" to Luke to help him on his merry way, Moroni, Mormon, Elijah, etc. all appear to help people and prophets Joseph Smith, they helped him out right?

There is the light side, and the dark side of the force. The priesthood, given by God, provides worthy young men that hold it, the ability to perform miracles and healing. I've had friends tell me stories about things they've done, like running faster than they ever have before, ((force run)) and they only knew that it was by the power of the Lord that they were able to do it for a righteous cause. (light side) "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack." Yoda
---"The light side of the Force was concerned with the ideals of good, benevolence, and healing. Followers of the light side strove to live in harmony with the world around them, acting out of wisdom and logic rather than anger and hasty judgment. In order to achieve harmony with the light side of the Force, its practitioners would often meditate to clear themselves of emotion; particularly negative emotions such as aggression, fear, anger, and hatred, since these were thought to bring on acceptance of the dark side." Men must always be worthy of their priesthood. How can they exercise their power if they are angry or have anything in their heart but love, compassion, and righteousness. The Holy Ghost cannot grant the power of the priesthood and all its abilities otherwise.

Satan has a counter for everything...however, I won't go into that for the sake of not offending people...(dark side) "The strength of the dark side lies with the power of the individual. The Force comes from within. You must learn to draw on it yourself." Darth Bane
--Satan doesn't want us to rely on the Lord, he tries to get you to indulge in self pleasures and to be self serving, never thinking of others. Even Anakin says "The Sith rely on their passion for their strength. They think inward, only about themselves." That's what the followers of Satan do.

Force sense/enlightenment/comprehension=revelation

Force heal=priesthood blessing

Force stealth=Nephi was inspired to put on the clothes of Laban to get the plates from Zoram
(1 Nephi 4: 19-26
19 And after I had smitten off his head with his own sword, I took the garments of Laban and put them upon mine own body; yea, even every whit; and I did gird on his armor about my loins.
20 And after I had done this, I went forth unto the treasury of Laban. And as I went forth towards the treasury of Laban, behold, I saw the aservant of Laban who had the keys of the treasury. And I commanded him in the voice of Laban, that he should go with me into the treasury.
21 And he supposed me to be his master, Laban, for he beheld the garments and also the sword girded about my loins.
22 And he spake unto me concerning the aelders of the Jews, he knowing that his master, Laban, had been out by night among them.
23 And I spake unto him as if it had been Laban.
24 And I also spake unto him that I should carry the engravings, which were upon the aplates of brass, to my elder brethren, who were without the walls.
25 And I also bade him that he should follow me.
26 And he, supposing that I spake of the abrethren of the bchurch, and that I was truly that Laban whom I had slain, wherefore he did follow me.)

Obviously they aren't exactly the same, or else everyone would have been suspicious of George Lucas but...force, priesthood...force, priesthood...force, there some kind of similarity there? I think maybe there is...(50 points to whoever gets that reference).

Also, Rachel is the greatest.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

If We'd All Just Listen a Little Closer

My friend just posted this video:

I clicked on it, thinking it would be some cute story about an Autistic girl learning to sing or something like that. For those of you who don't know, my youngest brother has Down Syndrome, so special needs kids have such a hold on my heart. I have also worked with them as a substitute teacher and through a program when I was in middle school, and I can honestly say no child or person will love you more, or accept you without hesitation or expectation than those with special needs. I remember teaching in a special needs class, and the moment one of the little boys rolled himself in on his wheelchair, he took one look at me, his eyes lit up, and he asked "do you want to be my friend?" My heart instantly just melted. I also worked on a train in Durango--every winter we would put on the Polar Express, and I would work as a chef, serving hot chocolate, singing songs, and getting everyone excited about Christmas--and one night, I had a group of disabled adults. Among those, I had a Down Syndrome couple sitting at a table for two. I usually go around and ask the passengers about their lives and their Christmas experience thus far, etc. and this night was different only for the fact that I had far less passengers, so I got more time to talk to each of them. So, as I was talking to this couple, I asked how their Christmas season was going. The girl responded that it was going to be the greatest Christmas of her life, because she was finally getting exactly what she wanted. When I asked her what that was, the man sitting with her grabbed her hand and said "I just asked her to be my sweetheart for the rest of my life." My eyes tear up just writing this.

So I watched that video, and I cannot possibly express how it touched me. As much as I love those kids, I will be the first to admit I'm pretty ignorant about their conditions. I know that my brother, having Down Syndrome, meant he had one extra chromosome, and I know common mannerisms and tendencies, but I have never really understood just how that effects him. I had a couple kids in my class all through school that I worked with and talked to and knew as a presence, but never took the time to try to understand. I never knew why one of the Autistic girls could never look at me, or why one of the boys would sometimes cover his ears, I just thought it was a body function that they couldn't control or something. I never would have guessed that it was because they needed to block out sensory overload. The girl in this video is completely aware when she is being asked a question. She knows what's going on around her, and because her parents didn't give up on her, didn't write her off, and loved her so much, she is able to communicate exactly what she is thinking or what she wants. So often I think society disregards these kids because they don't out rightly show that they understand this world around them, but that is evidently so far from the truth. How much would these kids have to tell us if everyone took the time to really, genuinely listen?