Monday, October 15, 2012

"That dweam, wifin a dweam"

It all started with a brisk fall run. Nothing too hard or crazy. I stop by the Japanese restaurant my sister Rachel works at to say hi, then my best friend Kassie picks me up and we decide to drive to the local music hall, movie club/casino...thing as the night falls. However, when we park, we notice police men with some sort of ski masks, as well as Spongebob characters enter the club, and they start chasing everyone out. I pull out my phone and start to take pictures of everyone and record everything. We all realize that these "police" were there to take control of this casino. They get on the roof, take off their masks shooting and I notice a large elderly man being given a particularly hard time. I record faces, names and voices. Then, one of them catches me, and starts running after me to get my camera. I scream at Kassie to drive, drive, DRIVE!! She throws her car in reverse, but before she can drive off, the man, (who also happened to be a Chinese ninja) caught the door and climbed his way in. I'm frantically trying to fight him off me while call the police. Finally, Kassie turns some sharp corners and I manage to kick him out of my open door. Yet somehow, we end up back in front of the casino. Where these criminals are all on the lookout for us! And as we realize this and peel out as fast as the car will go, a black man among the criminals starts running alongside our car (because black people are so fast!) He tries to get in, but we've locked the doors and windows. He hangs on, and we just can't shake him, so Kassie hits the gas and we ramp up a pile of cars, off a building, and the car is rolling and spinning as it comes crashing down to the ground. Our black pursuer is dead, and Kassie breaks out of the car, unaffected by the accident. She has to dig me out, and we continue to try to find the authorities on foot. I have sustained a massive concussion though, and I pass out. Luckily a friend of mine witnessed this, and threw me into his truck and drove me to the emergency room. He and Kassie left me there, and the team of doctors get to work. I have regained consciousness, and realize, my doctors are evil war lords, and the elderly man I noticed getting driven out of the casino was the criminal mastermind behind it all. They all spoke their plans in front of me, thinking I was helpless in this situation. When I told them I was going to turn them in, and informed them that I have secretly placed information incriminating all of them, they tried to give me pills to knock me out. I pretended to take them and pass out, and I somehow was able to tap into the man behind it all's head. I saw him back in the casino, deviously setting his plan into motion as he prostituted my friends. I found out what he was after. The doctors soon figured out I was pretending, and tried to force me to take the pills. I knew these pills would be my demise, and I had to get out of there and stop this plan. I fought my way out of the room, only to discover that it was in the casino, which housed a dragon family. I come face to face with the male dragon, and I look down to discover I am equipped with armour and a sword. And we battle. As I grow tired, I look up to see a passageway that might just be my way out. I scale the walls and narrowly escape the dragon's fiery breath. I make my way to the chamber that housed the wife dragon. I stop dead in my tracks when I see that I've caught her gaze. She speaks to me, tells me to take my friends and the girl with the sparkling hair and get out. Myself, Kassie, and my friend with the truck look around and see water ways that have long since dried up, that lead down and out of this dreary layer. The male is coming, and he's coming fast. We know there's no way we can make it down fast enough, until the girl with the sparkling hair let's her hair down, and from it flows rushing water, fast enough to carry us out, and protect us from the dragon. We ride down the water ways, and in what seems like seconds, we are dumped out at the floor of the Japanese restaurant! Apparently the family that owned it had been harboring the secret to controlling the dragons for generations, and that's what the criminal mastermind guy was trying to discover. My friends and I discussed with the Japanese family what our plan of action should be. They informed us that they wanted to sue the war lords and their leader, and asked if I knew anyone who could be their lawyer. It was at that point that I introduced them to Jeff Winger, and all went dark.

I don't know what Sierra puts in those oreo cookies, but man, my dream was nutso!