Sunday, February 26, 2012

"All the Other Kids With the Pumped Up Kicks"

Today, I'm feeling a little senimental, a little nostalgic. Finally, after years and years, I must retire my tennis shoes...

Beauties huh? I wore these babies for P.E./Yoga all through middle and high school. I also used them when I built sets during the plays I was in, (hence the paint) and running outside during the summers. And now, I use them every day to work out and run here in Utah. Of course, I don't know which is more sad, the fact that in close to 8 years, I didn't wear out a single pair of tennis shoes, or the fact that I've had the same size teeny, tiny, baby feet since I was 12. Good makin' Reebok. Unfortunately, I have the worst shin splints of all time, which really throws off my running schedule, so I had to finally break down and buy a new pair yesterday. Or, my parents were kind enough to buy them for me...

I'm pretty much stoked on them. They were the prettiest ones I could find...this is why I don't wear tennis shoes unless I have to. But, I'm thankful for new shoes and I'm pumped to try out my new kicks. Hopefully, these will get me through another 8 years! I really wish I could make heels last that long...


Now, my shoes were cute and all, but the real reason I'm feeling all sentimental, is that I can finally tell everyone that my brother Clayton and his wife Malae are going to have a baby!!!! I finally get to be an aunt!! I am so excited for this I can't even handle it. I love babies. In fact, through all of Stake Conference today, I was making faces at the most adorable little girl with the fattest cheeks, making her giggle and drool. So. Cute. Clayton and Malae are going to be such wonderful parents. Having him as my big brother, and watching him with all of my many siblings, and the fact that he loves working with kids, which in fact is his job now, I know he's going to be such a great father. (Even if it is super weird to think about the fact that now we're all grown up to the age that he is starting his own family, and the fact that my littlest sister will be an aunt, especially when I'm pretty convinced she's slightly insane and may or may not one day have a psychotic break.) Also, Malae has the biggest, most tender heart of anyone I've ever met. She loves all things cute and fluffy, and is incredibly endearing and caring. Her children will be lucky to be blessed into a home with such an amazing mother. Words cannot even describe how happy I am for them. They will do so wonderful. I can't wait to meet little ginger baby!! Also, I sincerely hope all of their children have red, curly hair and fat cheeks. I will show them all that South Park as well as the angry kid on YouTube who got super offended by it. Haha

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