Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"And I take the sardines? No, I leave the sardines. No, I take the sardines..."

I've been trying to write another blog post for a couple days, but everything I start typing sounds super cliche and lame. Or incredibly sappy. So, I've hesitated. Then, I was going through some old pictures, reminiscing, and I came to the realization that November marks a year that I have not been in a play or on stage performing in some form for the first time since I started theater in the 6th grade. That's like what? 8ish years? In all that time, I've been in 14 plays/musicals, including being having a lead role in the comedy Noises Off (my favorite), a crazy old woman in the musical Anything Goes (playing the comedic old woman was like my trademark), and performing Oklahoma professionally with my sister and cousin summer before last. I love theater. I love being on stage performing in front of huge audiences--particularly making them laugh. I kind of view just being in big groups of people a small production in itself, and I like to be the center of attention, cracking off jokes, often being loud. I'm sure it bothers some people, but I don't really care. Its what I did all through middle and high school.

Being in plays in middle school really wasn't taxing, but in high school, our theater program was hard core. My director had such a love and passion for theater, she would push the kids to more than they thought they could be, and I saw such moving shows produced at that school like you wouldn't believe high school kids could do. There were nights I would get up at 5 am to be ready for early morning Seminary, and then I wouldn't come back home til almost 10. Rehearsals were hard and long, and for the show Noises Off, there was a day we literally were excused from our classes to rehearse--we ran that play for 8 hours straight. That same play we practiced for close to 3 months, including the week before we opened we were on that stage until 10...getting me home around 10:30, 11ish, (my family lives out of town.) Now that took a toll. But it was probably one of, if not my very favorite play. I love straight plays best, but I also love being in musicals, but I can't really sing, and I'm not that coordinated, but they are so much fun, and I love singing and dancing regardless of my lack of talent in those departments. Luckily I do have a knack for acting and comedic timing...Let's face it, I'm kind of a riot.

I've cried a lot because of theater, I've laughed even more, I've made best friends, I've received some really bad grades, there were nights I got maybe 3 hours of sleep, but mostly, I've had some amazing experiences and have grown a lot. I'm so glad to have been a part of every one of those shows, and for all the people that came into my life as a result. I hope and wish and pray that I will be in another production sometime in the not too distant future. I love theater.

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