Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Live Like You Were Dying"

Basically, I just had one of the single most fabulous week and a half's of my life.

First of all, my family came into town for a visit last Wednesday. We went to Tucano's, and ate til we were all going to throw up, went to xtreme air sports, which hands down, is the greatest place of my life, played some laser tag, and I got to go to my roommate Megan's going away party--which was sad because I'm going to miss that lady with my whole heart, but I really did nothing but laugh all night because her family is so funny. I almost died.

Yes. We were all plotting to throw foam at my littlest brother^^                     Got him.
There really was no getting out of that foam....

Then, I said goodbye to my family, and the rest of this crazy week happened

Monday: I started my new job at Spoon it Up, which I absolutely adore. One of my best friends FINALLY came back from California after like a million years. I missed her. My life was especially void of dance parties in this time period....but our reunion was glorious!
Tuesday: My roommates and I decided to color our hair with pastels like we saw on pinterest. We looked like rockstars. Then, Kira and I went to our first "party" together since at least last December. We made new friends. With people and this bunny:) I also got to see my friend Jenny on her last night before she headed out to the MTC. She's such a sweetheart. She's going to convert everyone she even looks at--that's how spiritual/caring and compassionate this girl is.

Wednesday: ...I went out with this model/actor I met at the gym. He was in Twilight, High School Musical 2, and some other stuff I can't remember. I schooled him in laser tagging. And yes, when he told me he was an actor and a professional dancer I told him he was full of crap. But then I looked him up online...
He's legit. He left to film a movie. I'm never going to see him again.

Thursday: I did a little modeling. NBD. For Cris and Kate's. With my friend Brittany Molina.

I haven't seen the pictures yet, but if they're fabulous I can use them for when I try out for ANTM again. We'll see. One day I'll be a model.

Friday: I went to work, had one Kindergartner tell me he would never shoot me because I was too gorgeous, and another group tell me I looked like a cowgirl queen. I take what I can get. Then I spent some time with my main girl Kassie, dyed my hair black, and went to work. Now, I had made arrangements to be picked up from work, so I didn't have to walk home so far in the dark, but my phone died. But luckily Kassie was bored and took me home. Where we proceeded to eat tons of sugar, call and text many people, tried to get pizza, and the night ended at about 5 in the morning with "whoops. I threw my computer because I didn't want my eggs to die! Sorry. Good night. I loveeee you♥♥♥♥" I swear we weren't drunk....
"whadda think of my new hurrrr?"

Saturday: Got up, drove to Ogden, went SKY DIVING. Literally, probably the most thrilling, crazy, fun things I've ever done in my life. Such an adrenaline rush! I still can't even get over how freaking awesome that was!!! I COULD HAVE DIED!!! And actually, I was pretty convinced I was going to, because I'm a spaz, and the guy I was jumping with had a really heavy accent, so I didn't understand half of what he said to me. I was positive I was going to arc my back wrong or something and kill us both. Luckily, I just had the time of my life instead. The rest of the day I just thought of that experience and had this song stuck in my head: I NEVER FELT SO ALIVE!!!!!!! Then, my roommate and I proceeded to drive to Colorado to hear my cousins' farewell/homecoming talks.

Sunday: I listened to my closest cousin Levi give his farewell talk. I grew up with that kid. I can't possibly tell you guys how much I'm going to miss him. And pray for him 24/7 because he keeps telling everyone he's going to die on his mission. Then I dreamed he would. Not cool. I am really proud of him, and he seriously gave one of the best talks I've ever heard. He's a great public speaker. Stick that kid up on Samuel the Lamenite's wall. He's going to the Bogota, Colombia--coincidentally where my sister in law just sent her brother off to. I hope and pray they are mission companions. Hahahaha. You'd have to know them. Also, I got to hear my other closest cousin Jacob give his homecoming talk. Which was also really powerful, and so spiritual. I'm really glad to see him again, and I'm so glad he got to see Levi off. They are like the same person. Then the two of them sang a song together, it was like the cutest thing I ever heard. It even brought little tears to my eyes. I love those guys. I couldn't ask for better friends or family. After church (because anywhere besides Utah, members go to more than just Sacrament when its a special occasion,) we all just hung out at my cousin's. It was so much fun. I got to see a lot of friends and spend time with such quality people that made me feel so good, and just made me laugh. I love home. I love my friends, and I love my family. I literally am feeling so incredibly blessed and happy right now. I'm grateful for all my experiences in life. Live every moment, because you'll never get it back. Life is never perfect, but it certainly is wonderful:) "And someday I hope you get the chance, to live like you were dying."

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